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"Infinite Images" Details

The above sample will be actual size (relative to the original) if it measures ten inches wide on your screen. Look closely and you will find numerous cartoon-like faces and bodies arranged in vertical columns. Below is another view.

You may be surprised that both of the above images are identical, with one of them simply having been turned upside-down.

It is also possible to hold the straight edge of a mirror against the spaces between the columns of images and create even more faces, etc. Half of the image will appear in the mirror with the other half on the paper. "Infinite Images" is truly the ultimate mind trip.

NOTE: The largest print we can make on photo paper is 30" wide by 20" tall. Since the original is 40"x33" the photo print we offer has been reduced by 25 percent with approximately 5" of the bottom missing (see reduced sample below). There are still plenty of interesting details, enough to keep you occupied for hours.

The full size, mounted canvas and vinly prints are limited editions (no more than 100 will be made) and are signed, dated and numbered by the artist. If requested, we will attach wood strips to the backing which will allow hanging the image without a frame, and it also makes it very easy to simply flip the image upside down.

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Digital Prints on Photo Enlargement Paper
Item Number Paper SizeImage SizePriceAdd To Cart
A00 20"x30"19"x29" $40.00Add
Large Prints on Vinyl or Canvas
A00vinyl Vinyl40"x33"$150.00Add
A00mtvinyl Mounted Vinyl 40"x33" $250.00Add
A00canvas Canvas40"x33"$500.00Add
A00mtcanvas Mounted Canvas 40"x33" $800.00Add
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Size of details on 20" x 30" print.