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Koda describes himself as an "idea artist" because his work encompasses many forms of creative expression, including music, writing, metaphysics, inventions, photography, social activism and much more. (See his website at His work with visual art began in the early 1990s producing digital images using Photoshop. His desert photographs and affirmation posters are also available here.
Infinite Images
Thousands of cartoon-like images - the ultimate head trip

Alien Energy Artsy Tiles Barrier at the End of Time Beach Babe
Behind the Mirror Blue Babe Blue Ball Blue Cloud Babe
Blue Face Body Painting Dead Fish Diamond Faces
Eating in Church Electrocage Face Tube Flame Face
Flowers Frog Eye Highway to Hell Lez Beans
Ovulation Paint Ball Pipes Pretzels
Prisoner of Dreams Queen of Blue Hearts Red Ball Sky Red Koda
Sexy Donuts Through a Shaman's Eyes Space Dust Tit Stick
Twisted Fate Vertabra Want Demon
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