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Buttons, magnets, stickers, mousepads, clocks, stuffed bears, mugs, pillows, booklets, tiles, t-shirts and other apparel.

This is where you will eventually be able to get the items listed above featuring images found at this site. It could be some time before this section is completed, but if you would like to buy some item with any of the images from this site on it, just send us an email and tell what you'd like. We will get that item set up for you (if possible) and charge only $5 over our cost.

Another option you might be interested in is having post cards made. We can put any image here (or an image you provide) on one side of a thick, high quality 4"x6" post card and any text or other images on the reverse. Quantities of 100 will cost $100, or you can get as few as 10 for $3 each.

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